Wednesdays in the Lecture Room at 2.15 p.m.
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Spring Term

14 January
Michael Noble
Astral Magic as a Path to Enlightenment in Twelfth-Century Islamic Thought

21 January
Andrew Manns
A Sensory Force: Vocal Magic and Tommaso Campanella's World of Tomorrow

28 January
Marco Spreafico
Genus, stilus and ydioma: Petrarch’s Contribution to the Linguistic Thought of Humanism

4 February
Roberta Giubilini
The Scientific Interests of the Accademia Olimpica of Vicenza (1556-1586)

11 February
Andrew Hui
Dante's Shadow: Ombra at the Limits of the Human

25 February
Desirée Cappa
Pierfrancesco Riccio (1501-1564). Tutor and Personal Secretary of Cosimo I de Medici

4 March
Pelagia-Vera Lounghi
The transmission of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Book I): Scholarly activity from Byzantium to Renaissance

11 March
Cecilia Muratori
Carnivores against Vegetarians: Cardano on the Best Diet

18 March
Alberto Frigo
Sebond and Montaigne: natural theology, analogy and the limits of reason


Summer Term

13 May
Isabella Woldt
Weaving Petrarch: Cardinal Wolsey's collection of tapestries