Wednesdays in the Lecture Room at 2.15 p.m.
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Spring Term

14 January
Michael Noble
Astral Magic as a Path to Enlightenment in Twelfth-Century Islamic Thought

21 January
Andrew Manns
A Sensory Force: Vocal Magic and Tommaso Campanella's World of Tomorrow

28 January
Marco Spreafico
Genus, stilus and ydioma: Petrarch’s Contribution to the Linguistic Thought of Humanism

4 February
Roberta Giubilini
The Scientific Interests of the Accademia Olimpica of Vicenza (1556-1586)

11 February
Andrew Hui
Dante's Shadow: Ombra at the Limits of the Human

25 February
Desirée Cappa
Pierfrancesco Riccio (1501-1564). Tutor and Personal Secretary of Cosimo I de Medici

4 March
Pelagia-Vera Lounghi
The transmission of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Book I): Scholarly activity from Byzantium to Renaissance

11 March
Cecilia Muratori
Carnivores against Vegetarians: Cardano on the Best Diet

18 March
Alberto Frigo
Sebond and Montaigne: natural theology, analogy and the limits of reason


Summer Term

13 May
Isabella Woldt
Weaving Petrarch: Cardinal Wolsey's collection of tapestries 

3 June
Philipp Nothaft
Walter Odington’s 'De etate mundi' and the Pursuit of a ‘Scientific’ Chronology in the later Middle Ages

10 June
Stuart McManus

Humanism and Classical Rhetoric in Portuguese Asia during the Renaissance

24 June
Miki Engel
The Influence of Aquinas' De unitate intellectus on Jewish Philosophers in Italy during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance