Wednesdays in the Lecture Room at 2.15 p.m.
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8 January
Sietske Fransen
The Role of Francis Mercury van Helmont in Publishing and Translating his Father's Works

15 January
Paolo Sachet
Privilege of Rome: The Catholic Church’s Attempt to Control the Printed Legacy of the Council of Trent

22 January
Roberta Giubilini
Free Will and Predestination in the 'Accademia degli Infiammati' of Padua

29 January
Philip Nothaft
'Accessus et recessus' - A Medieval Astronomical Theory and its Applications

5 February
Grace Allen
Aristotle's Politics and Sixteenth Century Italian Political Literature

19 February
Annett Klingner
Depictions of the 'Planetenkinder' [Children of the Planets] in the 15th and 16th Centuries

26 February
Corinna Gallori
The Perfect Dominican: Saint Peter Martyr

12 March
Geoffrey Martin
Mozarab Readers of the Bible, 9th-12th Centuries

30 April
Christopher Braun
Al-Maqrîzî's Book on the Decipherment of Signs - An Arabic Treatise on Egypt's Hidden Treasures

7 May
Pelagia-Vera Loungi
Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Book 1): What can we learn from the manuscripts and the transmission?

14 May
Anne McLaughlin
Drawing upon Pierre Bersuire's Ovidius Moralizatus: Depictions of the Pagan Deities in an English Medieval Miscellany

21 May
Claudia Daniotti
A Warrior and a Virtuous Prince: Alexander the Great and the Women of Darius in Italian Renaissance Art

28 May
Alexander Bevilacqua
The Bibliothèque Orientale of Barthélemy d'Herbelot

04 June
Rebecca Darley
Implicit cosmopolitanism and the commercial role of ancient Lanka

11 June
Zoltán Niederreiter
The imagery of Ishtar and her symbolical role in the Neo-Assyrian Palace

18 June
Huub van der Linden
Hearsay: Accounts of the sounds of Safavid Persia in early modern Europe

25 June
Frédérique Woerther 
Averroes' Middle Commentary on the Nicomachean Ethics