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 Our purpose in compiling these digital collections is to make out-of-print source material on Medieval and Renaissance studies freely available online through the Warburg Library catalogue and classification system. Books are either scanned by us or downloaded as pdf files from public domain repositories and made available through the Library catalogue.

The links above and below point to a list of the books freely available in electronic format. The record of each book contains a link to its pdf file. Downloading may take from a few seconds up to a few minutes depending on the size of the file as well as the age and connection speed of your computer (follow this link to download the pdf reader).

The books digitised by the Warburg Institute are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License meaning that this material is available freely for non-commercial use.
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Web Resources

Classical Art
Sources of Classical Art (KFH)
Classical Topography (KPH)
Classical Iconography Gods (KOK)
Classical Iconography art & poetry (KOE)

Survival of Classical Art
History of Egyptology (CKA)
Drawings of Ancient Monuments (CKC)
Collections of Antiquities (CKD)
Survival of Classical Art (CKF)
Destruction and Preservation
of Ancient Monuments (CKK)

Archaeological Compendia (CKN)
Classical Subjects in Modern Art (CKO)
Classical Topography (CKP)
Latin Classical Manuscripts (CHK)

Post-Classical Art
Sources of the History of Art
Sources of Medieval Art (CHH)
Sources of Italian Art (CNH)
Italian Art 15th century(CNA)
Italian Art 16th century(CNM)
Sources of French Art (CBH)
Sources of Spanish Art (CLH)
Sources of Dutch and Flemish Art (CDH)
Dutch and Flemish Art (CDM)
Sources of English Art (CMH)
Sources of German Art (CEH)
German Art (CEA)

Art Interpretation Sources (CIH)
Art Interpretation (CIC)
Aesthetics (CAO)

Iconography of Christian Art (COK)
The Human Figure (COC)
Costume (COD)

Art Collecting (CGI)

Web Resources

Language and Literature
Greek and Hellenistic Literature (EKH)
Roman Literature (EPH)
Italian Literature (ENH)
Italian Literature Studies (ENM)
French Literature (EBH)

Survival of Classical Literature
Medieval and Humanistic Literature (NAH)
Survival of Classical Authors (NKK)
Classical and Medieval Themes in Literature (NEH)

Pictorial Symbols (NOH)
including emblems, imprese, hieroglyphics, ciphers and mnemonics 
Encyclopedias (NFH)
Illustrated books (NCH)
Including illustrated Bibles, Ovid, Virgil
History of Education (NLH)

Web Resources

Generalities (BFD)
Rites and Cults (BFC)
Greek Religion (BKF)
Mystery Religions (BKB)
Etruscan and Roman Religion (BKG)

Christianity - Sources (BCH)
History of Dogma (BCA)

Judaism Sources (GMH)
History of the Jews (GMN)

Greek and Roman Philosophy (AKH)
Greek and Roman Philosophy Studies (AKA)

Jewish and Arabic Philosophy (AGH)

Medieval Philosophy (ABH)
Jewish Philosophy Studies (ABG)

Renaissance Philosophy Sources (ACH)
Renaissance Philosophy Studies ( ACN)
Modern Philosophy Sources (AAH)
Modern Philosophy Studies AMM

Magic Sources (FBH)
Magical Objects (FCH)
Sorcery (FDH)
Sorcery Studies (FDB)

Freemasonry (FDD)
Alchemy, Chemistry Sources (FGH)
History of Medicine (FEH)

Astrology and Astronomy (FAH)
Mathematics Sources FNH
Divination (FMH)
Prophecy Sources (FHH)

Web Resources

Social History
Psychopathology (DAC)
Symbol (DAA)
Animal Psychology (DAN)

Anthropology (DLC)
Position of Women (DNH)
Music (DBH)

Festival Sources (DCH)
Festivals Studies Antiquity (DCK)
Festivals Studies (DCA)

Utopias (DPP)

Political History
Historiography (HAH)

Ancient History Sources (HKH)
Roman History Sources (HPH)
Italian History Sources HNH
Spanish History Sources HLH
British History Sources (HMH)
Dutch History Sources (HFH)
German History Sources (HEH)