Warburg Institute Colloquia 18

Edited by John Glucker and Charles Burnett
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The essays in this volume illustrate the passage and influence of Greek into Latin from the earliest period of Roman history until the end of the period in which Latin was a living literary language. They show how the Romans, however much they were influenced, to begin with, by the Greek literary language and Greek literature and its forms, were conscious of being not mere conquerors and rulers of the Greek world, but active participants in the further development of the culture initiated by the Greeks; how the importance of ancient Greek culture continued to be felt, with greater and lesser emphasis, in the Western Middle Ages, and the reintroduction of the Greek language in Renaissance Europe only made this interest in the Greek heritage more pronounced; and how ancient Greek works were received and transformed into Latin at various stages in the process of the rediscovery of ancient Greek culture in the West.



Hannah Rosén
Greek in Latin, Greek into Latin – Reflections on the Passage of Patterns

Netta Zagagi
What do Greek Words do in Plautus?

John Glucker
Cicero’s Remarks on Translating Philosophical Terms – Some General Problems

Andrew Siebengartner
Stoically Seeing and Being Seen in Cicero’s Aratea

Peter Tóth
Honey on the Brim of the Poison Cup: Translation and Propaganda: Rufinus’s Latin Version of the Historia Monachorum

Dimitrios Nikitas
Exemplum logicum Boethii: Reception and Renewal

Pieter De Leemans
Remarks on the Text Tradition of De longitudine et brevitate vitae, tr. Guilelmi

Marianne Pade
The Fifteenth-Century Latin Versions of Plutarch’s Lives: Examples of Humanist Translation

Paul Botley
Greek Epistolography in Western Europe in Fifteenth-Century Italy

Pierre Petitmengin
La publication de traductions latines d’œuvres grecques dans la France du XIXe siècle

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