Editorial and Advisory Board

Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes Editorial and Advisory Board


Rembrandt Duits (Warburg Institute; Editor)

Jill Kraye (Warburg Institute; Editor)

Berthold Kress (Warburg Institute; Editor)

Guido Rebecchini (Courtauld Institute; Editor)

Paul Taylor (Warburg Institute; Editor - currently on leave)

Jenny Boyle (Warburg Institute; Production Editor and Editorial Assistant)

Ian Jones (Warburg Institute; Photographic Editor)

Advisory Board


David Chambers (Warburg Institute)


Board Members:

Alixe Bovey (Courtauld Institute)

Charles Burnett (Warburg Institute)

Paul Crossley (Courtauld Institute)

David Freedberg (Warburg Institute)

Alastair Hamilton (Warburg Institute)

Charles Hope (Warburg Institute)

Christopher Ligota (Warburg Institute)

John Lowden (Courtauld Institute)

Elizabeth McGrath (Warburg Institute)

Sheila McTighe (Courtauld Institute)

Jennifer Montagu (Warburg Institute)

Raphaële Mouren (Warburg Institute)

Susie Nash (Courtauld Institute)

Alessandro Scafi (Warburg Institute)

David H. Solkin (Courtauld Institute)

Deborah Swallow (Courtauld Institute)