—Image: detail from Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Atlas (c. 1472–75). This drawing is discussed by Kristen Lippincott, ‘Additional Thoughts about the Construction of Francesco di Giorgio’s Drawing of Atlas’, JWCI vol. LXXVI, pp. 179–201.

Volume LXXVI (2013)

ISBN 978-1908590-022; ISSN 0075-4390, online ISSN 2044-0014

Exceptionally this volume was issued online in two sections: Part I and Part II. The print edition unites both sections. Volume LXXVI can be ordered now through our designated agents, Turpin Distribution, and is available to subscribers online through IngentaConnect.

Part I

Xenophon and the Barberini: Pietro da Cortona’s Sacrifice to Diana
Timothy Rood

Philosophy for Princes: Aristotle’s Politics and its Readers during the French Wars of Religion
Ingrid De Smet

John Spencer’s De Legibus Hebraeorum (1683-85) and ‘Enlightened’ Sacred History: A New Interpretation
Dmitri Levitin

The Qur’an Translations of Marracci and Sale
Alexander Bevilacqua

Abigail going to David: The Iconography of a Marble Capital from the Destroyed Romanesque Cloister at Notre-Dame-des-Doms, Avignon
Andrew Chen

Part II

Of Stars and Men: Matthew Paris and the Illustrations of MS Ashmole 304
Allegra Iafrate

Additional Thoughts about the Construction of Francesco di Giorgio’s Drawing of Atlas
Kristen Lippincott

Martin Meurisse’s Garden of Logic
Susanna Berger

A New Renaissance Source on Colour: Uberto Decembrio’s De candore
Stuart M. McManus

The Classical Ideal of Male Beauty in Renaissance Italy: A Note on the Afterlife of Virgil’s Euryalus
Hugh Hudson