Short-Term Research Fellowships in Intellectual, Cultural and Art History


Each year the Institute usually offers around ten short-term fellowships. However, from October 2020 to September 2022 we will only be offering a few fellowships. This is to enable us to undertake the Warburg Renaissance Project. This refurbishment project will transform the Warburg Institute by restoring its original vision and making it ready for future generations. We aim to enhance the Institute’s academic resources, teaching facilities and public offerings, and create new facilities for special collections, exhibitions, and events.


Full details about the Institute’s Short-Term Fellowships

The short-term fellowship awards normally provide financial support towards living and subsistence costs in London to enable scholars to undertake a period of research in intellectual, cultural or art history supported by the resources of the Institute’s Library, Photographic Collection or Archive

Fellowships are intended for scholars at any stage of their post-doctoral career (applications are not accepted from candidates proposing to revise their doctoral dissertation for publication). The awards are designed to enable scholars to carry out research in and on the Warburg’s Collections.

The annual group of fellows benefit from and contribute to the vibrant intellectual life of the Institute. Fellows are asked to offer an introduction to their research in a Tea Time Talk and are encouraged to contribute to the Institute’s blog: Mnemosyne

The Warburg Institute is one of the world’s leading centres for studying the interaction of ideas, images and society. It is dedicated to the survival and transmission of culture across time and space, with special emphasis on the afterlife of antiquity. Its open-stack Library, Photographic Collection and Archive serve as an engine for interdisciplinary research, postgraduate teaching and a prestigious events and publication programme. Situated in the heart of the Bloomsbury Knowledge Quarter, the Warburg offers scholars the opportunity to engage with academics not only within the institute, but also at local universities, museum and galleries and research institutes.

The fellowships offer funding for research in any areas of cultural, intellectual and art history supported by the resources of the Institute’s Library, Photographic Collection or Archive.

Research topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • the history of the classical tradition in various fields of research, dating from the medieval to the modern periods;
  • the cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Aegean and their influence;
  • cultural contacts between or among Asia, Europe and the New World;
  • questions concerning Russian culture carried out in the tradition of Sir Ernst Gombrich;
  • and period research in Arabic, Persian, Hindustani and other Oriental languages in the UK.

Funding is provided by the Brian Hewson Crawford, Henri Frankfort, Albin Salton, Grete Sondheimer and Frances A. Yates bequests and the Ouseley Fellowships.

If you would like to be notified when applications open please contact us at

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Please note the following applies to all fellowships:

  • Those who have previously held a short-term fellowship at the Institute are not eligible to apply
  • Candidates must hold a PhD by the time the fellowship begins. For those who do not hold a PhD upon application, their reference must be provided by their PhD supervisor 
  • Fellowships at the Warburg Institute may not be held concurrently with another fellowship or award
  • Candidates from outside the EU will need to check the regulations for acquiring a visa to visit the UK for the period of their fellowships