Staff Student Liaison Committee of the Warburg Institute



Terms of Reference

To provide a forum for discussion for staff and students and to provide feedback and raise issues on the delivery of courses, student support and facilities.

The Committee meets on a termly basis.


Membership 2017-18

The Course Director for the MA in Cultural and Intellectual History:           Dr Alessandro Scafi

The Course Director for the MA in Art History, Curatorship

 and Renaissance Culture:                                                                                       Dr J Anderson

Up to three further members of the academic staff of the                            Professor M O’Malley

Institute appointed by the academic staff:                                                             (Chair)

                                                                                                                                      Dr P Taylor

                                                                                                                                      Dr Claudia Wedepohl


One representative from the National Gallery involved in

teaching on the MA in Art History, Curatorship

and Renaissance Culture:                                                                                 Dr S Foister


Two students registered on the MA in Cultural and Intellectual               Mr S Bhattacharya

History elected by those students:                                                                  Ms E Stevenson                     

Two students registered on the MA in Art History, Curatorship               

Renaissance Culture elected by those students:                                           Ms M Guagnozzi   

                                                                                                                              Ms M Maugars           

Three registered PhD students, one from each of the first                          Mr M Cox

 three years of registration elected by those students                                  Mr F Tononi

                                                                                                                             Ms A Karaisl von Karais