Terms of Reference

The Advisory Council will act as a sounding board for the Director of the Institute by:

  • Advising the Director on the Institute’s aims and objectives both nationally and internationally
  • Considering and advising the Director on strategic and operational plans for future development
  • Advising the Director on developments within the subject areas and implications and opportunities that may arise for collaboration, research promotion and facilitation, how to improve impact, research and teaching and interdisciplinary working
  • Considering reports from the Institute, and advise on any aspects of the Institute’s work
  • Assisting the School with Institute and other reviews as appropriate

The Advisory Council meets on a termly basis.

Membership 2023-2024

Ex Officio Members

The Director of the Institute:                                  Professor Bill Sherman

The Dean or Deputy Dean:                                      Professor Jo Fox

The Chair of the Warburg Charitable Trust:         Christopher Rossbach

The Director of the Institute of Philosophy:         Professor Barry C. Smith

(nominated Inter-Institute Support)                                         

Two representatives of the Warburg family:        Professor Jonathan Prag and Nagila Warburg 

The Director of the Courtauld Institute of Art:        Professor Mark Hallett 

It has been agreed that the Deputy Director, Professor Alixe Bovey, can deputise in this role when required by the Director to do so. 

Appointed Members

Not more than two Directors of Institutes within the School of Advanced Study:

At least eight members drawn from universities and similar organisations UK-wide including up to four from University of London Colleges:

  • Professor Richard Wistreich (2026) Chair
  • Mr Hugo Chapman (2027)
  • Professor Lorna Hughes (2027)
  • Professor Marco Pasi (2027)
  • Dr Sarah Turner (2027)
  • Dr Emma Wakelin (2027)
  • Professor Tristen Weddigen (2027)
  • Dr Jacopo Gnisci (2026)
  • Professor Sarah Knight (2026)
  • Dr Laura Popoviciu (2026)
  • Pierre Von-Ow (2026)

Up to two members drawn from partners/financial stakeholders not covered by the above but associated with the discipline.

  • Mariam Zulfiqar (2027)
  • Mr Ben Tate (2023)

At least one but up to two individuals representing academic libraries. Where there are two, at least one should be external to the University of London:

  • Dr Nicolas Bell (2026)
  • Dr Kristian Jensen (2023)

Not more than two members of the academic staff of the Institute elected by and from among the Committee of academic staff:

  •  Dr Claudia Wedepohl (2024)

No more than three other persons, whether resident in this country or not, whose interests lie in the special field of the Warburg Institute:

  • Dr Caroline Campbell (2026)
  • Professor Betsy Sears (2027)

At least one but up to two representatives of the national postgraduate research community:

  • tba

Note: The date after a member’s name indicates that their term of office expires on 31 August of that year.

In attendance at meetings:

  • Giles Mandelbrote, Warburg Institute Librarian
  • Peter Lin, Warburg Institute Manager