Research and Teaching

Bill Sherman photo

Bill Sherman

Medieval to Modern Book History | Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama | Travel Writing | Textual Transmission and the Theory and Practice of Editing | Word and Image | Magic and Science | History of Espionage and Cryptography

Deputy Director 
Michelle O'Malley

Production, technique, authorship and quality | Historicising quality | Workshop practice | Period understanding of workshops and pictures | Early modern material culture

Professor of the History of Islamic Influences in Europe
Charles Burnett

The transmission of texts, techniques and artefacts from the Arab world to the West, especially in the Middle Ages
Jesuits in Japan | Palaeography | History of Numerals and Arithmetic

Lecturer and MA Convenor
Caspar Pearson

Senior Lecturer and MA Convenor
Alessandro Scafi

History of utopias and political thought | Paradise | Sacred geography and pilgrimage | History of cartography | Dante and literature on journeys to the otherworld | Aby Warburg | Money design

Librarian and Reader
Raphaële Mouren

History of philology | History of scholarship and the transmission of classics in modern times | Republic of Letters | History of the book | Cultural history of Florence and Rome in the Renaissance | History of libraries and librarians 16th-20th Centuries | Library Information Science (Rare books and Special collections) | Digital tools for the reconstruction of libraries | Digital history of the book and bibliography

Curator - Photographic Collection
Paul Taylor

Seventeenth-century Dutch art | Early modern art theory | Iconography | World art | Conservation and condition

Deputy-Curator - Photographic Collection
Rembrandt Duits

 Art History | Art Markets | Textile and Costume History | Art and Social Status | Renaissance Material Culture | Renaissance Art Theory
 Iconography and Iconographic Classification | Medieval and Renaissance Astrology | Survival of the Pagan Gods | Byzantine Art and Archaeology | Art Historiography

Claudia Wedepohl

Late nineteenth century and early twentieth century art historiography | Aby Warburg and his circle | History of the Warburg Institute | Italian Renaissance art history and culture | Patronage | Semantics of multi-coloured stones | Franciscan iconography


Mellon Professor in Art History, History of Science and Folk Practice
John Tresch

History of Science | Science, Technology, and the Arts | History of the Human Sciences | History of Philosophy/ Anthropology | Philosophy of Science and Technology

Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Intellectual History
Sara Miglietti

Renaissance intellectual history | History of Philosophy | History of political thought (ancient to modern) | History of science | Translation studies | French wars of religion | Translation and reception studies | Genetic Criticism | Environmental humanities

Digital Librarian
Richard Gartner

Metadata in theory and practice | Digital humanities | Digital curation and librarianship | Digital iconography

Lucy Nicholas

Lecturer in Latin and Ancient Greek
Lucy Nicholas

Neo-Latin | Neo-Greek | Classical Reception

Part-Time Italian Language and Italian Palaeography Course Tutor
Matthew Coneys

Part-time Course Tutor, English Palaeography 
Katie Reid