Dr Dorothea McEwan joins Ethiopian Academy of Sciences

Fri 2 March 2018




Dr Dorothea McEwan, Honorary Fellow of the University of London, first and long- time archivist in The Warburg Institute, has been elected member of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences in recognition of her impressive publication record and outstanding contribution to research in the intersection of religious history and art in Ethiopia. She travelled to and worked in many remote churches in Ethiopia, studying the wall paintings and illuminated manuscript books. She organised two conferences on the History of Art and Architecture in Ethiopia, in Addis Ababa in 2009, and in Vienna in 2013. She wrote a seminal book on the coronation church of Emperor Tewodros III in Däräsge Maryam in the high Simiän Mountains in Northern Ethiopia. In her citation emphasis was laid on her work as international scholar, service to the community of Ethiopian scholars and academic nurturing of young scholars.