Francois Quiviger

Associate Fellow




B.A., Art history, University of Montreal
M.A., Art History, University of Montreal
Ph.D. Combined Historical Studies, Warburg Institute

Thesis: Aspects of the exegesis and criticism of Italian art, c. 1540-1600.

François Quiviger joined the Warburg Institute as a doctoral student in 1983. He has worked at the Institute since 1987, first as an assistant librarian and then as curator of digital resources from 2010. He has contributed to the Warburg Institute's MA in Cultural & Intellectual History as well as to the V&A / RCA course on the history of design and the UCL MA in Reception of the Classical World.

From 2002 to 2016 he has developed and raised funds for the Institute's digitisation programme which aims to build a free online electronic library of facsimiles of out-of-print source material on Medieval and Renaissance studies.
Since October 2016 he is an Associate Fellow of the Warburg Institute as well as general editor of the Renaissance Lives series for Reaktion Books. ('Renaissance%20Lives'&ds=Renaissance%20Lives)

His research focuses on early modern ideas and beliefs about images, and on the relation that representational arts bear to ancient and modern theories of the mind and of sensory perception. His current project examines the early modern history and mythologies of wine.

Publications - Recent Conference & Seminar Papers.
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‘Early-Modern Afterlife: Il banchetto rinascimentale come arte performativa’, Art performativa e memoria, Bologna, Nuova Alfa, 2017.

‘The Civilization of the Renaissance’, Oxford Illustrated History of the Renaissance, O.U.P., 2017

E.H. Gombrich at the Warburg Institute, EH Gombrich: Art and the Mind - Erkenntnisse über das BILD, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen, 2017

 ‘Plis, ombres, lumières et mouvements: l'art de la serviette princière et ses rapports aux arts du dessin’, Micrologus 2017

‘Drunkenness, Sex and desire in Titian’s Bacchanal of the Andrians’  Images of Sex and Desire, Routledge, London 2017



Aby Warburg, Giordano Bruno and Mnemonics in Mnemosyne

Postural sense and Human figure in Renaissance art

Renaissance Art Theories (Google Books)

An Introduction to the Planetary Gods in the Warburg Institute Library



In Print



The Sensory World of Italian Renaissance Art.  Reaktion Books: London 2010.

Caravaggio. Scala Books : London 1992.


Conference Volumes

Images of the pagan gods: papers of a conference in memory of Jean Seznec. The Warburg Institute: London; Nino Aragno:Turin 2010 (co-edited with Rembrandt Duits).

Pictorial composition from medieval to modern art. The Warburg Institute: London 2000 (co-edited with Paul Taylor).

Italian Academies of the Sixteenth Century. The Warburg Institute:  London 1995 (co-edited with D.S. Chambers).


Articles and Essays

'Andromède et ses commentateurs au XVIe siècle'.

In: Andromède ou le héros à l'épreuve de la beauté. Actes du colloque... 1995. Paris 1997.

'Arts visuels et exégèse littéraire à Florence de 1540-1560'.

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'Benedetto Varchi and the visual arts'.
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'The brush in poetry and practice: Agnolo Bronzino's Capitolo del pennello in context'.

In: Poetry on Art Renaissance to Romanticism, ed. T. Frangenberg, Donnington 2003.

'Célébrations académiques et débats sur l'art : Benvenuto Cellini et l’Orazione in Lode della pittura de Lionardo Salviati' In: Les Académies dans l’Europe humaniste. Idéaux et pratiques. Geneva 2008.

'Il dolce inganno : art d'aimer et art de peindre au temps de la Renaissance'.

In: Trois. 2. 1987.

'An Academic Banquet in Siena: Delle feste fatte da' Filomati...'

In: Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes. 54. 1991.

'Fleurs éparpillées dans deux tableaux du Cinquecento vénitien : essai d'iconographie olfactive'.

In: Flore au Paradis. Glasgow Emblem Studies. 9. 2004.

'From Paris to Rome, Hamburg and London. Aspects of the Afterlife of Giordano Bruno in the Twentieth Century',

In: Turning Traditions Upside Down: Rethinking Giordano Bruno's Enlightenment..., Budapest-New York 2013, pp. 237-247.

'Honey from Heaven : aspects of the topos of the bees in Renaissance artistic literature'.

In: Visuelle Topoi. Erfindung und tradiertes Wissen in den Künsten der italienischen Renaissance. München-Berlin 2003.

'Imagining and composing stories in the Renaissance'.

In: Pictorial Composition from Medieval to Modern Art. London-Turin 2000.

'Memento mori.' [16] p., 14 leaves of plates : col. ill. ; 33 cm. 2007. London : Hamiltons. 

Essay in the catalogue of an exhibition held at Hamiltons, London, 6-22 June 2007.

'The presence of artists in literary academies'

In: Italian Academies of the Sixteenth Century. 1995.

'Relief is in the mind: observations on Renaissance Low-Relief sculpture' 
In: Depth of Field. Relief Sculpture in Renaissance Italy, Oxford..., 2007.

'Renaissance art theories'

In: A companion to art theory, ed. P. Smith, C. Wilde, Oxford 2002.

Representations of the five senses and sensation in representation during the Renaissance,

Chapter in A Cultural History of the Senses, Bloomsbury Publishers, London 2014

'Seeing and looking in the Renaissance' 

In: La vista y la visión, exh. cat., Valencia 2003.

'Signifier le vide: la nature morte au melon de Juan Sanchez Cotán' 

In: Littératures classiques. 56. 2005 (Discours et enjeux de la vanité).



Recent Conference & Seminar Papers

‘Plis, ombres, lumières et mouvements: l'art de la serviette princière et ses rapports aux arts du dessin’, Conference Le Banquet, manger, boire et parler ensemble (XIIe-XVIIe siècle), Université de Lausanne, 23-25 November 2015.

‘Moving images in Renaissance drinking vessels’, V&A seminar in Early Modern Material Culture, London 28 May 2014

‘Michelangelo’s Bacchus and Renaissance drinking culture’, University of Oxford Art History Seminar, 27 February 2014

‘The Warburg Library and the representation of knowledge’, Study day on Aby Warburg, Royal College of Art, 25 February 2014

‘Bacchic sculpture in Rome’, Colloquia Sculpture in Rome, Rethinking Classicism Questioning Materiality A workshop exploring the commissioning, making and marketing of sculpture in sixteenth-century Rome; The Warburg Institute 25 October 2013

Aby Warburg, Art, Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis Round-table. A two day symposium held at the Helix Center, Institute of Psychoanalysis, New York, on 13-14 October 2013. led the discussion on the afternoon session of day one and prepared a visual display on Warburg and his Library.

'Visual representations of non-visual sensations in early modern painting' in Pictorial Paradoxes: Philosophy, Psychology and the Visual Arts, Institute of Philosophy, Senate House, 23-24 May 2013

'Bacchus in Academy', Convegno Internazionale Le virtuose adunanze. Emblemi, simboli, linguaggi, Sperlonga. 9 -10 May 2013, 

'Entre mythologie et médecine: vapeurs et odeurs du vin de Nonnos de Panopolis à Marsile Ficin'

Parfums et odeurs au Moyen Age. Science, usages, symboles » (Louvain-la-Neuve, Leuven), 15-17 mars 2012

'The Warburg Library Classification system', in the series Format, Architectural Association, 8 July 2011

'The Iconography of Drunkenness in early modern art' ' seminar at the Courtauld Institute, 27 May 2011

'Aspects of Dionysios in Renaissance Art', Art History Seminar, The Warburg Institute, 7 March 2011

'Digital festivals', brief presentation at the conference: Spanish-French Marriage Festivals, The Warburg Institute , 18-19 March

Presentation of a short film on the Warburg Library at the conference: ‘Survivance d’Aby Warburg: sens et destin d’une iconologie critique ’, Paris, Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, November 2010

‘Plato, Dionysios and Renaissance Artists’ , conference on Neoplatonism and the arts, Vienna, September 2011

‘Renaissance and Baroque Banqueting and the Senses’, lecture at the Globe Theatre, November 2011


Recent Videos / Podcasts

The Warburg Institute Library

Marc Fumaroli: propos sur l'Académie Française et ses origines italiennes

Landscape and Pilgrimage in the Christian Tradition 
Presentation of a Research Project funded by the AHRC and the ESRC

Magic and the Occult in Islam: Ahmad al-Buni (622H/1225CE?) and his Shams Al-Ma'arif

A lecture by Saiyad Nizamuddin Ahmad (Department of Arabic and Islamic Civilizations, American University in Cairo) delivered at the Warburg Institute, University of London, School of Advanced Study, on 1 May 2013.

Cannibalism in the minds and imaginations of Early Modern Europeans and Americans 

A lecture delivered on  24 April 2013 at the Warburg Institute, University of London, School of Advanced Study, by Alison Coudert, Professor of Religious Studies, University of California Davis

Quentin Skinner: Word and image in the philosophy of Hobbes 

Lecture delivered at the Warburg Institute on 21 November 2012