Antonia Karaisl von Karais

PhD Student

Continuing MPhil/PhD Students

Thesis Title 
'Christian Wolff’s Oeconomica methodo scientifica petractata – household economics as the philosophical foundation for the welfare state?'

Supervisor - Guido Giglioni



Antonia holds a Bachelor of Classics from Oxford and an MA in International Economics and European Studies from Johns Hopkins University. Besides her PhD, she is researching the application of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to historic printed text and medieval manuscripts and has co-founded Rescribe Ltd, a not-for-profit company spun out from Durham University’s Classics department offering bespoke OCR services and developing open source OCR software. Her PhD research examines methodology and argument of 18th century philosopher Christian Wolff’s last book, the Oeconomica, within the context of his premodern welfare state theory based on Natural Law.

Research interests

Neo-Latin literature | Early modern philosophy | Political economy | Classical antiquity


Adam Smith Fellow 2017-2018 (Mercatus Center, George Mason University)