5-Minute Study Break: What Students are Saying About The Warburg Institute

Sarah Coviello, PhD Student

The Warburg Institute practices an interdisciplinary approach across cultural, intellectual and visual history, offering a world-renowned library and a uniquely international research community.

We’ve asked PhD student, Sarah Coviello, to share with us her experience at the Warburg and what influenced her to study at the Institute.

How did you initially hear about courses offered at The Warburg Institute?

Through searching online for courses that focused on curatorship and art history. The partnership between the Warburg Institute and the National Gallery for the MA in Art History, Curatorship and Renaissance Culture was particularly interesting.

What influenced your decision to study at The Warburg Institute?

The reputation of the institute itself. It is the perfect combination of curatorship studies and practicalities of art history. The focus on Renaissance was also what drew me to the course.

Did you receive any funding or awards towards your fees at The Warburg Institute?

Yes, for my PhD I received a Warburg Institute bursary. I will receive an LAHP Studentship in my next year of study.

How has the funding/award made a difference to you?

Receiving the bursary made it possible to further my studies and pursue a PhD at Warburg. With the Studentship I will be able to focus more on my research as it will cover all of my fees and I will not need to work part-time while studying.

What have you enjoyed most about studying at the Warburg?

The general atmosphere is great. There are also very important people who study and teach here, which is very inspirational. The library is also excellent, and you’ll often find very interesting and useful books that you weren’t necessarily looking for in the first place!”

How would you rate the level of support you have received from faculty while you have been studying?

There has been a very high level of support. In terms of research, I have been introduced to contacts at the National Gallery, which wouldn’t have been possible studying somewhere else.

Would you recommend The Warburg Institute as a place of study and why? 

Definitely! There is no other place like this. Even if you are not studying something that is strictly related to the Institute, the support and resources available are something that you can’t find anywhere else.

Would you change anything about your experience at the Institute? 

Nothing at all. It has been wonderful.

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Sarah Coviello is a PhD student at the Warburg Institute. She completed the MA in Art History, Curatorship and Renaissance Culture prior to undertaking her PhD research.