An architectural cross-section by Haworth Tompkins depicting the possible design of the Warburg Institute

The Warburg Renaissance project began on 4 July 2022 and is scheduled to complete in July 2024. The building has been refurbished in three phases and a 2-storey new build extension has been constructed in the courtyard.

During July-September 2024, we will be moving all collections back into the Institute:

  • The Library remains open throughout the Summer. All books are accessible and periodicals are being moved back into the Institute
  • The Archive, Photographic Collection and the Library's rare book collection are being moved back into the Institute from 1 July. Scroll down for up-to-date information on these moves, including closure dates for specific special collections.

What's happening this week?

What's happening this week: 22 - 28 July

Our builders are making the final push to achieve project completion. Snagging and desnagging will follow over the Summer, so even though the project will be completed, we expect still to have workmen onsite over the next few months.

The Library remains open throughout the Summer: check our opening hours.

The Photographic Collection is closed from Thursday 4 July until further notice while it is moved back into the Institute.

The Archive is closed until 1 October.

Reopening plans: July-September 2024

Movers will be working in the Institute on and off throughout July, August and September. We apologise for any noise or inconvenience caused. 

The periodicals will be moved back into the Institute from 1 July. The move is scheduled to take five weeks.

The Photographic Collection is closed from Thursday 4 July as it is moved back into the Lower Ground floor. It will reopen in late July/early August, when the building work is complete and we have permission to reopen the Ground and Lower Ground floors. At the same time, the Reading Room will reopen.

Later in the summer, there will be some reshelving work in the first floor of the Library affecting classmarks CGI 4260 onwards and CR- only.

In early September, the Archive will be moved into the new Lower Ground floor Wohl Reading Room and the new Special Collections store, with the Library's rare books following after. 

The Archive and the Yorke Collection are closed from 1 July to 30 September while the moves take place. Rare books will not be available for at least a week in early August, dates to be confirmed.

In early September, we will be installing new mobile shelving in the Lower Ground floor beside the periodicals shelving. This will hold the Numismatic Library.

The space vacated on the 4th floor by the Numismatic Library will become a large common room for students, staff, readers and visitors.

We aim to have everything completed for a grand reopening at the start of the 2024/25 term.

Special Collections

The Institute’s Special Collections – the Archive, Photographic Collection and the Library’s rare books and manuscripts – have been moved to the University of London’s Stewart House at 32 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5DN. Stewart House is a five minute walk from the Institute.

Photographic Collection

The Photographic Collection is moving from Stewart House back into the Institute and is closed from 4 July until further notice while this takes place.


The Archive is closed from 1 July - 30 September 2024 while it is moved back into the Institute. Please email to organise your visit from October 2024 onwards.

Library rare books and manuscripts

The Library's special collections are currently held in Stewart House (32 Russell Square, WC1B 5DN). 

Please ask at the Reading Room enquiries desk or email if you would like to consult items designated as Warburg Rare Books/Apply to staff on the library catalogue. We require 24 hours notice. 

The rare books collection will be moved back into the Institute from 5 August 2024 and will not be available for at least a week, dates to be confirmed.

The Yorke Collection is not accessible from 1 July - 30 September.

Lower Ground floor


The Library’s periodicals (P classmarks) have been off-site since 4 April 2022 and are finally being moved back into the building between 1 July - 2 August 2024.

The Lower Ground floor is not accessible to readers until the moves are complete. Ask a librarian if you require a specific volume and we may be able to fetch it for you. If it has been returned, we'll endeavour to find it for you.

You can also check our the library catalogue and Periodicals List to see which of our periodicals are available online either from the Warburg Institute or as open access journals.

All readers with a valid Warburg Library card can access JSTOR by logging in through our Online Resources and Databases page. Click on the JSTOR link and, when prompted, enter your name and the barcode number on the back of your Warburg Library card.

The Reading Room

Reading Room reference works

The ground floor Reading Room is currently closed. Reading Room reference works have been returned to the Reading Room and are not accessible to readers. Please ask a Librarian if you need us to fetch a book for you.

The Library enquiries desk is on the 1st floor of the Institute, along with the reserve shelves and copying/printing facilities. 

The new periodicals are at the very end of the Action on the 4th floor.

1st floor - 4th floor

Library collections

The Library is fully open and all books on the 1st (classmarks K and C), 2nd (classmarks E and N), 3rd (classmarks B, G, F and A) and 4th floors (classmarks D and H) are on the shelves and available for browsing.