Building Work Progresses

Since works commenced in early July the most obvious activity has been the erection of scaffolding around the whole building. The installation should finally be complete by Friday 23rd September. The arrangement to confine the noisiest work to specific time periods has worked reasonably well but in early September the noisy times had to be extended in order to complete the demolition of brick walls on the 3rd floor.

'and the walls came tumbling down!'

The cleaning and sealing of the roof are now well under way and steam-cleaning of the external brick and stonework façade is also progressing.

Stonework - after and before steam cleaning

Between now and the end of the year the main focus will be the refurbishment of the 3rd and 4th floors. Planning for the next decant stage at the end of December gets under way in October.

The end of Phase 1 will see the new 3rd and 4th floors back in use and the 2nd and 1st floor vacated ready for fitting-out in Phase 2 from January 2023. The initial groundwork for the new extension in the courtyard will also commence by this December.