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Bill Sherman (Warburg Institute Director) in conversation with Martina Mazzotta and Jürgen Pech, curators of 'Max Ernst', a large retrospective devoted to the German painter, sculptor, poet and art theorist (Milan, Palazzo Reale, 4 October 2022/26 February 2023). Over 400 works from international museums and collections celebrate Max Ernst’s entire career and explore his art in relation to art history, philosophy, alchemy, science and pataphysics. A whole library also unfolds through the exhibition, ranging from the artist’s own illustrated books, to manuals, photographs, and documents: challenging visitors to establish connections between the sources of inspiration and the works themselves. 

Curatorial Conversations invites museum directors and makers of recent exhibitions at world-leading museums and galleries to the Warburg to discuss their work. The conversations, led by academics at the Warburg Institute, discuss the issues of setting the directorial or curatorial agenda and staging meaningful encounters with objects. The series is designed to draw out discussion of the discoveries made, challenges tackled and the lessons learned in heading a collection and putting together internationally renowned exhibitions.