Classical Greek - Beginners (Summer 2020): ONLINE COURSE

Classical Greek - Beginners (Summer 2020): ONLINE COURSE
27 Apr 2020, 18:30 to 22 Jun 2020, 20:00
Short Course


New schedule: Mondays, 4 May - 29 June 2020 (excluding 25 May): 18.30-20.00

Continuing its activities during the current period of physical closure, the Warburg Institute offers an online extensions to its new short course in Classical Greek for beginners with eight online sessions in the Summer Term 2020.

The programme is designed for beginners, and follows on from last term's classes. A principal aim will be to equip students with an essential set of linguistic navigational tools, which can serve as a springboard for further study of both language and literature. In addition to Latin, Greek was known to and used by writers of the early modern period. An initial level of competence in the language will, it is hoped, also engender a corresponding degree of confidence when it comes to encounters with Greek in Renaissance texts. Greek was a highly prized, but also deeply contested language, and a further dimension of the course will be a consideration of the implications of using Greek during the 14th to the 17th centuries.

We are offering a 10% discount for continuing students who have been taking the course in the Autumn and Spring this year. For new students joining the class this term the full rates will apply. Students joining this term will be expected to have covered (a) the present, future, imperfect and aorists (strong and weak) active tenses of verbs, (b) first, second and third declension nouns, (c) first and second declension adjectives, and (d) the present participle.

Registration and payment (for 8 online classes taught across one term):

  • Standard rate (continuing): £180
  • LAHP-funded students (continuing): £112.50
  • School of Advanced Study staff and students (continuing): £90 
  • Warburg students (continuing): £67.50
  • Standard rate (new): £200
  • LAHP-funded students (new): £125
  • School of Advanced Study staff and students (new): £100
  • Warburg students (new): £75 

Tutor: Dr Lucy Nicholas 

Please contact Dr Lucy Nicholas if you have questions about the content of the course:  

image: terracotta amphora, ca. 490 BC - Metropolitan Museum of Art


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