Neoplatonic Studies Seminar: Online

Neoplatonic Studies Seminar: Online
02 Jul 2020, 17:00 to 02 Jul 2020, 19:00


Seminar 29: Proclus, Ten Doubts Concerning Providence, qu. 8

The Neoplatonic Studies Seminar resumes online under lockdown at a slightly earlier time. If you would like to join the session please email to be sent a link to Zoom.

In its sixth year, the Neoplatonic Studies will focus on the theme of providence, beginning with readings from Plato and then, after a brief glance at Stoic ideas, as represented by Seneca, moving on to those of Plotinus, Porphyry and Proclus. The seminar is, as it has been from its inception, open to all – to those who have and do not have ancient Greek, to those well-versed in ancient Neoplatonic philosophy and to those who are not. The only requisite is ‘a desire to know’. Each week the seminar studies a short passage or two in English translation (though those who prefer to read the original Greek are not forbidden from doing so).

The seminar is organized by Sara Miglietti (Warburg), Tim Addey (Prometheus Trust), Harold Tarrant (University of Newcastle, Australia), Dilwyn Knox (UCL) and Peter Singer. 


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