Work in Progress Seminar: 'A Digital Edition of Michael Maier's "Atalanta fugiens"'

Work in Progress Seminar: 'A Digital Edition of Michael Maier's "Atalanta fugiens"'
21 Oct 2020, 14:00 to 21 Oct 2020, 15:30

“‘Tear Up Your Books’: Michael Maier’s Atalanta fugiens in the 21st Century”
Donna Bilak (Independent Scholar), Loren Ludwig (Independent Scholar), Tara Nummedal (Brown University) introduce a new open access online publication, Furnace & Fugue: A Digital Edition of Michael Maier's Atalanta fugiens (1618) with Scholarly Commentary

Furnace and Fugue brings to life in digital form an enigmatic seventeenth-century text, Michael Maier’s alchemical emblem book Atalanta fugiens. This intriguing and complex text from 1618 reinterprets Ovid’s legend of Atalanta as an alchemical allegory in a series of fifty emblems, each of which contains text, image, and a musical score for three voices. Re-rendering Maier’s multimedia masterpiece as an enhanced digital publication, Furnace and Fugue allows contemporary readers to hear, see, manipulate, and investigate Atalanta fugiens in ways that were perhaps imagined when it was composed but were simply impossible to realize in full before now.

Those interested in attending this session are invited to take a look at Furnace and Fugue in advance: Attendees are particularly advised to investigate the emblem image search feature, which allows the user to create, save and share their own emblem collections, and to read Loren Ludwig's essay on John Farmer's Sundry Waies.

The Work in Progress seminar explores the variety of subjects studied and researched at the Warburg Institute. Papers are given by invited international scholars, research fellows studying at the Institute, and third-year PhD students.  

FREE VIA ZOOM. Please book by 5.00pm on Tuesday 20 October to be sent a link to the session.


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