Resources and Techniques for the Study of Renaissance and Early Modern Culture

Resources and Techniques for the Study of Renaissance and Early Modern Culture
10 May 2021, 14:00 to 14 May 2021, 18:00
Research Training

Warwick Warburg Doctoral Training Programme - Resources and Techniques for the Study of Renaissance and Early Modern Culture

Co-directors: Dr Raphaële Mouren (Warburg Institute) and Dr Michael Bycroft (University of Warwick)

Since 2005 the programme 'Resources and Techniques for the Study of Renaissance and Early Modern Culture' has been providing specialist research training to doctoral students worldwide working on Renaissance and Early Modern subjects. The programme draws on the combined research specialisms and skills of the staff of the Warburg Institute and the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance at the University of Warwick - two of the major centres in Britain for the study of the Renaissance and Early Modern period. Participants will benefit from a tailored programme bringing together insights from research fields such as literature, art history, book history, and intellectual history, with skills development in areas such as electronic resources, archival sources, manuscripts, early books, and images. This is an opportunity for doctoral students to sharpen the skills needed for successful doctoral work and to meet others in the field from across the world. The programme is designed with a strong emphasis on practical issues and peer interaction.

The programme will include methodological lectures (stemming from their research in areas such as art history, intellectual history, and book history) by senior staff at the two institutions, a series of skills sessions (on topics such as archival research, working with manuscripts, digital networking, getting funded, and getting published). 

In May 2021, adapting to life during Covid-19, the course will take place online via zoom across five consecutive afternoons, hosted by the Warburg Institute.

Standard Fee: £125.00
Subsidised Fee (for University of Warwick /Warburg Institute registered PhD students): £60.00

Spaces will be limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please book via the link below and please make sure to complete the card payment details carefully. If you have any trouble booking please email


Monday 10 May

14:00-15:00: Michael Bycroft and Raphaële Mouren - Welcome and introduction. All students will introduce themselves in 1 minute.
15:00-16:30: Paul Taylor - Religious iconography
16:30: virtual coffee
17:00-18:30: Charles Burnett - Working with Manuscripts

Tuesday 11 May
14:00-17:00: Doctoral forum: "My PhD in 3 minutes". All students will introduce their PhD and receive feedback from academics and other attendees. Michael Bycroft, Raphaële Mouren, Michelle O’Malley
17:00: Break
17:15-18:15: Ingrid De Smet and Sara Miglietti - Getting published

Wednesday 12 May
14:00-15:30: Paul Taylor - Secular iconography
15:30: Virtual coffee
15:45-16:45: Katie Klaassen and Emma Roberts - Engaging with non-academic audiences
16:45: Break
17:00-18:30: Jonathan Davies - Working with archives

Thursday 13 May
14:00-15.30: Caroline Petit - Medicine in manuscripts and printed books
15:30: Break
15:45-16:45: Raphaële Mouren - The digital Renaissance
16:45: Break
17:00-18:00: Bryan Brazeau - Building a network for your research online 

Friday 14 May
14:00-16:00: Genevieve Verdigel (British Museum) - Approaching Prints and Drawings as Research Tools: Perspectives from the British Museum
16:15: Ingrid de Smet - Getting funded
17:15: Final discussion, virtual drinks. 



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