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Federico Botana: 'Leo S. Olschki and the Trade of Medieval Manuscripts in the Early Twentieth Century'

Leo Samuel Olschki is mainly remembered today as the founder of the prestigious publishing house that still bears his name. But he was also one of the most successful antique book dealers in modern history. Public libraries across Europe and North America include in their collections important medieval and Renaissance manuscripts that were traded by Olschki at some point or another. In this seminar, I will present an account of Olschki's trading practices based on the surviving documentary evidence. 
Dr Federico Botana is an art historian, currently member of the ERC funded project CULTIVATE MSS at the Institute of English Studies, SAS, UoL. He investigates the pan-European activities of Italian bookdealers, including Ulrico Hoepli, Tammaro De Marinis, Giuseppe Martini and Leo Olschki. His last book, Learning through images in the Italian Renaissance, was published with Cambridge University Press in 2020.

The History of Libraries seminar series concentrates on examining all aspects of the provision of libraries during all periods of history and all countries. Talks are based on substantial original research and are usually by established researchers; but we do encourage new students to present their research as well. The seminar can be found on Twitter: @HistLibraries

Organisers: Giles Mandelbrote (Lambeth Palace Library); Dr. Keith A. Manley (National Trust); Dr. Raphaële Mouren (Warburg Institute); Professor Isabel Rivers (Queen Mary)