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Sarah A Bendall (Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences, ACU): 'Stays Confine the Belly? Investigating Maternal Experience in Early Modern Europe with Recreative Practice'

NB: Late start time!

Drawing on the recently named 'embodied turn' which describes recreative practice as a research methodology, this paper discusses the process of reconstructing two extant European foundation garments (bodies and stays) associated with maternity from the mid-seventeenth to the late eighteenth centuries to explore the range of possibilities presented for the pre-and post-partum body. It explores how object-based approaches to history, as well as recreative practice, allow us to access information about the past embodied experiences of women.

This event is part of the series A Material World: Gender, which brings together academics and heritage professionals from a wide range of disciplines to discuss issues concerning historical objects, their materials, forms, and functions, as well as their conservation, presentation, display, and reconstruction.

Organisers: Rembrandt Duits (Deputy Curator, The Photographic Collection, The Warburg Institute) and Louisa McKenzie (The Warburg Institute).

All sessions during 2023-2024 will be delivered online.


image: photograph ©️ Gordon Plumb