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A three-day international conference:

12 & 13 October 2023: Senate House, University of London (and online)
20 October 2023: Online via Zoom

Space in Time is a forum for new work in the long and global cultural history of the space beyond Earth, from the ancient heavens to modern outer space. While space history is a vibrant field of study, extending across the humanities and social sciences, it often breaks down along familiar geographical, disciplinary, and period-based boundaries. In particular, the field’s predominant interest remains in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, especially following what is now increasingly referred to as the First Space Age. However, while outer space undeniably gains in interest in this period, this interest is preceded and underwritten by a history stretching as far back as the human imagination itself, and across all cultural traditions, much of it yet to be written. The conference hopes to spark new cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, and cross-period conversations in this field. It will gather researchers from around the globe, working in a wide range of fields and specialisations: the histories of art, astronomy, cosmology, geography, literature, philosophy, religion, science and technology, and intellectual and cultural history at large. 

The event will feature a keynote lecture by Dr Frédérique Aït-Touati (History of Science, CNRS) as well as invited presentations by Dr Oliver Dunnett (Geography, QUB) and Prof. Andrew Gregory (History and Philosophy of Science, UCL). 

This will be a ‘hybrid’ event, combining two days of in-person / live-streamed participation (12 & 13 October) and one day entirley online (20 October). Please direct any inquiries to

Organizers: Dr Vladimir Brljak (English, Durham/Warburg), Prof. Veronica della Dora (Geography, Royal Holloway), Dr Stamatina Mastorakou (History of Science, MPIWG), and Prof. John Tresch (History of Art, Science, and Folk Practice, Warburg).



In-person, 12 & 13 October (includes Day 1 lunch, Day 2 reception, and refreshments):
£30 Standard
£20 Students / unwaged / Warburg staff & fellows

Online, 12, 13 & 20 October:


Image: adapted from the cover of Francis Godwin, The Man in the Moone, intro. Andy Johnson and Ron Shoesmith (Little Logaston: Logaston Press, 1996)