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Paolo Sachet (Warburg alumnus, University of Geneva): 'AGAPE and the Printed Dissemination of the Greek Fathers in the 15th Century'

The Renaissance witnessed a widespread interest in the works of the Greek Fathers as part of the broader revival of Antiquity. Scholarly research has focused on Latin translations made in the early fifteenth century, while the role played by the thriving market for printed books in the following decades is still to be assessed. By exploiting the data collected in AGAPE, a new open access database, I will first offer some methodological and quantitative insights into this untold chapter of the early modern patristic reception. In the second part of my presentation, I will focus on a few case studies to show the sheer variety of situations contemporary readers were confronted with, including the limited circulation of the earlier humanist translations, the resurface of ancient and medieval renditions, and the numerous misunderstandings in authorship attribution.

The Work in Progress seminar explores the variety of subjects studied and researched at the Warburg Institute. Papers are given by invited international scholars, research fellows studying at the Institute, and third-year PhD students.