Short-term Fellows

Autumn Term 2020

Azadeh Fathrad (September- December) - Iconography: The Representation of Hand Gestures in Arabic Manuscripts (c. 15th Century) (Ouseley Fellowship)

Alex Feldman (September - December) - The Monotheisation of Pontic-Caspian Eurasia, 8-13th Centuries (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)

Sarah Parkhouse (September - December) - The Canon and Community of the Pistis Sophia Books I-II (Henri Frankfort Short-term Fellowship)


Summer Term 2021

Jennifer Solivan Robles (April - June) - Virtues, Vices and Preachers: the Mnemonic Function of the Sculpted Programs in Medieval Cathedrals. (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)

Ivan Lupić (June - July)  - The Illyrian Renaissance: Literature in the European Borderlands. (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)