Short-term Fellows

Autumn term

Dr Livia Lupi (Sept - Dec) -  The Rhetoric of Architectural Painting: Fictive Structures, Built Identity and Persuasion in Italian Frescoes (1379 - 1450)

Dr Margherita Mantovani (Oct - Jan) - New Perspectives on the Idea of Sacred Kingship in the Letter of Prester John: Sources and Reception

Spring term

Dr Marta Celati (Jan-Apr) - Giuniano Maio's De Maiestate: Princely Ideology and Political Plot in Pre-Machiavellian Literature and Art

Ms Floriana Giallombardo (Jan-Apr) - Agostino Scilla (1629-1700) and the Visual Culture of Historia, Between Antiquarianism and Natural History

Dr Tomasso Salvatore (Feb-Apr) - Book Collecting Jointed to Art Patronage in Laurentian Florence: The Library of Piero del Pugliese (1428-1498)

Dr Jennifer Shurville (Jan-Apr) - Ordered Images: The Diagrammatic Mode and Visual Constructions of Authority from the Late Twelfth to Thirteenth Century in Western Europe

Summer Term

Dr Daniel Canaris (May-Aug) - Typology and Cabbala as a Strategy for Accommodation in the Figurism of Joachim Bouvet (1656-1730)

Dr Martha McGill (May-Aug) - Angels in the Landscape of Early Modern Britain

Ms Eva Miller (May-Aug) - 'Putting On' Neo-Assyrian Costume in the Arts of the Early 20th Century

Dr Erica O’Brien (May-Aug) - Divine Dialogue: Sensing God in Margaret of York's Manuscripts