Short-term Fellows

Autumn Term 2019

Sebastià Giralt (October - November) - Astrology in the service of power: Bartomeu de Tresbens’ brief astrological treatises dedicated to King Pere the Ceremonious of Aragon (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)

Alessandro Silvestri (October - January) - ‘If your lord is not informed’. Official and unofficial tools of knowledge in the Crown of Aragon, and instructions for use (1300-1500) (Brian Hewson Crawford Short-term Fellowship (3 months) and Frances Yates ST (1 month))

Lavinia Maddaluno (October - December) - Of airs and waters (and rice and cheese): Public health, economy and the environment in late Renaissance Milan (1576-1700) (Warburg I-Tatti Fellowship)

Mukhtar Ali (October - December) - A 15th century distillation of Ibn al-Arabi’s metaphysics: ‘Abd al-Rahman Jami’s (1414-1492) Naqd al-nusus fi sharh naqsh al-fusus (Ouseley Fellowship) 

Spring Term 2020

Christopher Siwicki (January - May) - Who built Rome’s monuments? A comparative approach to architectural authorship in Ancient and Early Modern Italy (Grete Sondheimer Short-term Fellowship)

Ignacio Uribe Martínez (January - March) - Ingenium in the Renaissance Astrological Tradition: an interpretation of Juan de Figueroa’s Opúsculo de astrología en medicina (Lima, 1660) (Albin Salton Short-term Fellowship)

Ovanes Akopyan (February - May) - Medicine, Astrology and Self-Censorship: Translating Marsilio Ficino in Sixteenth-Century Russia (E H Gombrich Short-term Fellowship)

Mercedes Llorente (January - March) - Letters and Portraits: Catherine of Braganza as Political and Cultural Mediator of Her Braganza Dinasty (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)

Summer Term 2020

Dr Sarah Parkhouse (April - July) - The Canon and Community of the Pistis Sophia Books I-II (Henri Frankfort Short-term Fellowship)

Adeyemi Akande (April - August) - Colouring The Renaissance; African Elements in Renaissance's Visual Construct. (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)

Eugenio Refini (April - August) - Ariadne’s Threads: Reception as Cultural Memory and the ‘Remaking’ of the Renaissance (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)

Ivan Lupić (June - August) - The Illyrian Renaissance: Literature in the European Borderlands (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)

Jennifer Solivan Robles (May - August) - Virtues, Vices and Preachers: the Mnemonic Function of the Sculpted Programs in Medieval Cathedrals. (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)