Short-term Fellows

Autumn term 2018

Dr Jens Ziska (September - December) -  On Norm and Form - (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)

Spring term 2019

Dr Bernardo Ballesteros Patrella (February - May) - Ištar and Aphrodite: A Gilgameš Parallel in Homer in its Traditional Context - (Henri Frankfort Short-term Fellowship)

Dr Gaston Basile (February - May) - Translating nature in the Quattrocento: Early humanist discussions on language, translation and the natural world - (Erasmus and Brian Hewson Crawford Short-term Fellowship)

Dr Gianmario Cattaneo (January - April) - Philosophy, Religion, and Astronomy between Rome and Mistra: George Gemistus Pletho and Cardinal Bessarion’s Correspondence - (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)

Ms Odile Dapsens (February - April) - The Liber Rasielis, a Witness of the Transmission from the East to the West. Edition, Translation and Commentary of Manuscript Paris, BnF, lat. 3666. - (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)

Dr Francesca Minen (January - February) - Mesopotamian medical notions in the divination series Šumma ālu  - (Henri Frankfort Short-term Fellowship)

Ms Xiaona Wang (January - April) - Francis Bacon on attraction and gravitas: sources, context, and later influence - (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)

Summer Term 2019

Dr Vanessa Boschloos (June - August) - Regional iconography and transmission of symbolism: the falcon in glyptic media of the Iron Age II Levant - (Henri Frankfort Short-term Fellowship)

Dr Sara Hale (May - June) - Neo-Latin in colonial North America: John Beveridge (1703-­‐67) and the Christian-­‐Horatian tradition - (Albin Salton Short-term Fellowship)

Dr Denise La Monica (May - July) - TRACTION. Trauma and Reaction: Cultural heritage, institutions, laws and communities - (Short term Fellowship in Cultural Heritage and Natural Disaster)

Mr Paolo Rossini (May - August) - Visual and Practical Knowledge in Early Modern Mathematics - (Frances A Yates Short-term Fellowship)