Welcome to the Warburg Institute’s MPhil/PhD Programme.

Full-time study for the PhD degree entails three or a maximum of four years' independent research, culminating in the writing of a thesis of not more than 100,000 words. Part-time students complete the same programme in five, or a maximum of six years. After submission of the thesis, the student attends an oral examination conducted by an internal examiner, from the University of London, and an external examiner, normally from another British university.

There is no formal coursework, but PhD students are expected to participate in the weekly seminar on Work in Progress and to present a paper every year from their second year onwards. In their first year they are able to opt-in to attend weekly a class on Techniques of Scholarship; they may register for language classes (at a discounted fee rate) and other research training courses as necessary. They are encouraged to participate in the regular seminars held at the Institute during the academic year.

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For further dates and submission deadlines, please consult your course handbook, available to download at the bottom of this page.

Course Handbook

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