Johannes Von Mueller

Coordinator - Bilderfahrzeuge Project


Johannes von Müller's work focuses on Political Imagery from the Middle Ages to Modernity. He has been published on the 20th century in the 20th century.

His doctoral thesis (soon to be published). A study of the socio-political effect of the image in the Middle Ages and early modern times (Studies of the Image of Socio-Political Agency in the Medieval and Early Modern Period) examines the role of images in political discourses of premodern societies, Arguing that pictures were able to take on a function. He has explored this subject further in a number of published articles, reflecting in particular on the the ways in which the representation of a ruler may confront the person depicted with his own ideal.

In the context of the pictorial vehicles project, Johannes of Mueller studies eleventh and twelfth century Norman Sicily, focusing on his capital Palermo as a 'port of images' (picture port), into which pictorial artefacts, materials and forms from other cultures around the Mediterranean received.

Within the context of the project, the company is a member of the European Union. And secondly, to what degree the spaces that the objects pass through and that historians perceive as historical spaces are constituted by the movement of those objects.

In recent papers, Johannes von Mueller has focused on both material (porphyry) and technical (silk weaving), and the intercultural encounters.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:

Political Iconography, Historiography, History of Ideas, Portrait, Image Migration, Graphic Art and Caricature, Comic

Current Research

(Ph.D Project) ruler image and forensic mirror. Studies of the socio-political effect of the image in the Middle Ages and early modern times (Images of Rulers and Mirrors of Princes, Studies of the Image's Socio-Political Agency in the Medieval and Early Modern Period).

Academic Background

Since 2012 Ph.D. Student at the Kunsthistorische Seminar, University of Basel, Switzerland

2012 Master of Arts (History of Art History), Humboldt University of Berlin, a. Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

2008-2009 History of Art a. Media Studies, Sapiencia, Università di Roma, Italy


2012-2014 Scholarship of the Gerda Henkel Foundation, Germany

Selected Publications


(Forthcoming) 'But who would trust the moon?' Ernst Kantorowicz 'research positions in the mirror of the Este portrait of Rogers von der Weyden, in: Ulrich Raulff et al. (Ed.): Myths, Body, Images - Ernst Kantorowicz between Historism, Emigration and Renewal of the Humanities, Berlin 2015.

(Forthcoming) The Paranetical Portrait, in: Uwe Fleckner, (Ed.): Hermeneutics of the Face. Current Positions of Portrait Research, Berlin 2013 (Mnemosyne, Warburg College Papers, vol. 5).

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