Juan Acevedo

PhD Student

Continuing MPhil/PhD Student


Thesis Title
'The Idea of Stoicheion from Plato to Agrippa' 

Supervisor - Charles Burnett

Research interests

Medieval cosmology | Graeco-Arabic translations | Hebrew and Arabic grammar and philosophy | Pythagorean metaphysics | Symbolism | Lato’s Timaeus | Sefer Yetsira | Typography.    



BA in Classical Literature and Philosophy, Universidad de Los Andes (Mérida, Venezuela). I have worked extensively in translation, teaching Spanish and Classical languages, in academic publishing and also as a typesetter (using LaTeX), specialising in Arabic-English bilingual editions.

My current research focuses on the complexity of the concept of element and its intrinsic relation to number, and to language as a phonetic, written and logical system. To put it otherwise, it has to do with the root concept of alphanumeric cosmology and its history through the international Middle Ages.

Papers given

22 Jun 2017 — “Duality and Plurality in the Elements: A Herme(neu)tic Exploration”, Warburg Institute.

26 Oct. 2017 —“L'alphabet et la grammaire du langage de la Nature”, Maison de l'Amérique Latine, Paris.