Gods and Myths

The Gods and Myths digital collections provides free online access to research material in order to promote, refine and expand the study of the survival of Classical mythology in the West.


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Gods and Myths in the Warburg Library

The Library sections below are in the process of being digitised. You can browse the main digital holdings here or examine each section individually by clicking on the headings below. Each link opens a bibliographical list and each record contains a link to the pdf of the book.

Image (1st Floor)
Survival of Ancient Art
Digitised books - 

Word (2nd Floor)
Classical and Medieval themes in Literature
Digitised Books - 
This section begins with classical mythology and expands into medieval myths and legends to conclude with Children Books.
Survival of Classical Authors: Ovid - Virgil
Pictorial Symbols: Digitised Books - 

Orientation (3rd & 4th Floor)

Graeco Roman ReligionDigitised Books - 
Greek ReligionDigitised Books - 
Etruscan and Roman ReligionDigitised Books - 
Mystery ReligionDigitised Books - 

Astronomy and Astrology: Digitised books and images 

Action (4th Floor)

Digitised Books