Greek & Roman History


Library Holdings (Greek History):

HKF Ancient History. General

HKH Sources.

1– Inscriptions

30– Tactics

45– History

500– Rhetoric

900– Epistolography

HKK Studies. General

800– Warfare


HKM Studies Economic History

HKE Rhetoric

HKN Epistolography

HGK History of Hellenism

100– Alexander the Great and Successors


Library Holdings (Roman History) :

HPH Sources Inscriptions

25– Law

40– Economic History 48– Tactics

55–250 Historians

585– Rhetoric

850– Epistolography

HPK Studies. History


HPM Economic History

HPE Rhetoric

80– Epistolography

Links and References

Internet Ancient History Source book
Contains of bibliography of online sources texts arranged chronologically.

Online texts, articles and bibliography at the site founded by the "Chaire histoire et civilisation du monde achéménide et de l'empire d'Alexandre" of the Collège de France.
Texts downloadable in Acrobat format.

Web site of the Plutarch Society


Plutarch, Lives
English translation (Internet Classics Archive).

Quintus Curtius: The Histories of Alexander the Great 
In Latin, From Bill Thayer's Web site.

The Deeds of the Divine Augustus
From the Internet Classics Archive.