Library Holdings

DAF General

       200- Text Books

       275– History of Psychology

       400-549 Experimental Psychology

DAF 550- Gestalt Psychology

DAD Apperception

        150- Sense Perception

        375- Imagination

        425- Thought

       525- Emotion and Will

       610- Memory

DAC Psychopathology

       475- Schizophrenia

       650- Character

       800- Psychology of Genius

       1225- Temperaments

       1250- Physiognomy & Gesture

       1660- The Body

       1875- Graphology

       2000- Physiognomy & Gesture in Art

DAA Symbol

       800- Subconscious: Dreams

DAN Animal Psychology

       110- Child Psychology

Links and Reference

History & Philosophy of Psychology online

Brain Research Web Page
Extensive gateway on Brain resources.

Guide Disciplinaire: Psychologie 
Online French-Canadian Psychology Portal.

Portal of the Centre de Recherches en Psychanalyse, Médecine et Société.

History of Psychology (University of South Carolina, Aiken)
Links to primary source e-texts on the web.

Classics in the History of Psychology (Dr C Green, York University, Toronto)
Online texts sorted by author or topic. 

International Psychoanalytical Association
Contains links to online resources and other similar organisations.

Association for Psychological Science
Links and online resources.

A 'Virtual Psychology Classroom'
Online texts and works of reference

Encyclopaedia of Psychology 

Research platform of digital resources in open access in the Humanities and Social Sciences including onlinepsychology resources.

Scholarly Pscychology Resources on the Web 

Intute: Psychology 
Free access to resources evaluated and categorised by subject specialists based at UK universities.

Marxists Internet Archive: Subjects: Psychology and Marxism: Classics of Psychology
A chronological collection of classics of psychology which are also important reference material in understanding certain strands of Marxism.



On the soul , On Dreams,
 On Memory and ReminiscenceOn Sense and the SensibleOn Sleep and Sleeplessness.
Internet Classics Archive.

De Trinitate

Thomas Aquinas

Corpus Thomisticum
Complete Latin texts and bibliography.

Q. disp. de amina (English translation by John Patrick Rowan, 1949)

Sigmund Freud 
Freud in the Internet Archive

Sigmund Freud: Life and Work
Includes links to Freud e-texts on the web.

British Psychoanalytical Society

C.G. Jung Page
Reference and links to Jungian sites and electronic texts at the Lacanian Ink
Includes a section of links to the main texts of Lacan and Freud. Espaces Lacan

Online texts: Psychology of Art Gombrich / Gibson dispute 
from the Gombrich Archive

Michel Foucault
Texts and excerpts, as well as digital audio archives at the Portail Michel Foucault