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40- Evolutionary Sociology

65- Sociology of Animals

100- Development of Moral Ideas

490- Social Psychology

DHP Politics

DHD Racialism

125- Gobineau

170- Langbehn

200- Chamberlain

               250- Pangermanism

DHI Imperialism

DHO Militarism

DHC Pacifism

Links and References

Gateway to Online resources on sociology
From the WWW virtual Library. The section Theories includes links to online works of Bourdieu, Durkheim, Elias. Freire, Gramsci, Marx and Weber.

Electronic periodicals on sociology
From Jstor (Warburg Intranet only).

Guide to online Journals on Sociology 
From the Open Directory Project.

Social Psychology Network 
Page of links on social psychological research and teaching.


Westermarck, The origin and development of the moral ideas, 1924 
From the Internet Archive.