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DEH Texts. Treatises

       800- Oriental Drama

       1300- Italy. Popular Drama   

       1315- France

       1400- England

       1450- Germany

DEF Studies. General

       200- Theatres

       255- Production

       400- Morality

DEA Psychology of the Theatre

       70- Origin of Tragedy

       200- Origin of Comedy

       400- Shadow Play

DEG Primitive and Oriental Stage

DEK Classical Stage

DEI Medieval Stage

DEN Italian Stage

DEL Spanish Stage

DEB French Stage

DED Flemish & Dutch Stage

DEM English Stage

DEE German Stage

DEO Russian Stage

DEP American Stage

DEC Film

Links and References

Theatre History on the Web 
Links to web and electronic resources.

Folk Play Research 
Includes historical database of folk play scripts.

The Ancient Theatre Archive
Virtual tour of Greek and Roman theatre architecture.

The Development of Scenic Spectacle 
Sources and reconstructions of Renaissance and Baroque theatrical spectacle.



Aeschylus (525– 456 B.C.)
Internet Classics Archive.

Aristophanes (450– 388 B.C.)
Internet Classics Archive.

Euripides (480-406 B.C.) 
Internet Classics Archive.

Sophocles (497-405 B.C.) 
Internet Classics Archive.


Middle Ages and Renaissance

Anthologies of sacred and secular medieval plays 
From the Centre d'Etudes des textes médiévaux (Université de Rennes 2).

French Medieval Drama Database Project 
Bibliographies and digitised manuscripts.

From Stage to Page: Medieval and Renaissance Drama 
Free online texts of medieval and Reniassance plays.

16th Century

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

A portal page to resources on Shakespeare

Introductory information on Shakespeare

17th Century

Le théâtre de la foire à Paris
Online resources on French popular theatre, by Barry Russell (Oxford Brooks University).

Records of Early English Drama (REED) 
Searchable database of patrons, troupes and performances, including interactive maps.