Art Interpretation - Aesthetics

Library holdings (Art Interpretation) :

CIH Sources

CIF History of Aesthetics

CIK Antiquity

CIB Middle Ages

CIC  15th century

CIM 18th century

CIO Development of Art History


Library holdings (Aesthetics):

CAF Contemporary Aesthetics

CAI Visual Arts

CAD Psychology

CAO 1– Theory of Style

          275– Space

         340– Perspective

560– Colour

720– Symmetry, Proportion, Rhythm

CAC  Categories of Art History

          200– Method of Art History

CAN Art Education

200– Visual Education

225– Origins of Art

400– Art & Religion

500– Sociology of Art


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Dictionary of Art Historians

Aesthetics and Visual Culture 
Online resources and links.

The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 


ABY WARBURG (1866-1929)

Hamburg Warburg Haus

Crossing the Border: The Current Significance of Warburg's Iconology
By KATO, Tetsuhiro; an unpublished preprint for the XIIIth international Congress of Aesthetics in Lahti, Finland (1995).

Associazione Warburg-Italia 
From the University of Siena.

Site devoted to Warburg, his method and intellectual biography.
`Engramma nasce per riscoprire il metodo di indagine di Aby Warburg e applicarlo alla ricerca storico-culturale.'

Mnemosyne, Cultural Research on the WWW
Research in progress. Includes project for placing Warburg Bilderatlas on the WWW.

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Walter Benjamin Syndicate
This site maintains a collection of resource information on some of Benjamin's writings, essays about Benjamin, his work, and the work of some of his close contemporaries. Includes links to online works.

Gombrich Archive
Includes bibliography, online texts and interview.


Writing about Art 
Introduction to various methods of art history.


Illusions Works
Collection of optical and sensory illusions.