Classical Iconography

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KOK General

200– Gods

260– Bacchus

300– Rape & Battle Scenes

325– Death & Underworld

335– Demigods & Heroes

KOC Human Figure

          200– Portraits

KOE Art & Poetry

Classical Art Research Centre: The Beazley Archive, University of Oxford 
Image database and resources on classical art, its collection and reception.

Theoi Greek Mythology 
Comprehensive site exploring Greek mythology and the gods in classical literature and art.

Greek Mythology Link 
Extensive database created by Carlos Parada, searchable by character, place, topic or image.

An Introduction to the Planetary Gods at the Warburg Institute
Introduction to the survival of these seven deities in European culture as recorded by Early Modern illustrated books kept in the various subject areas of the Library.

The Warburg Institute Iconographic Database 
Digitised images from the Warburg Photographic Collection.  

AERIA: Antikensammlung Erlangen Internet Archive 
Virtual museum and image database from the Institut für Klassische Archäologie. In German.

George Ortiz Collection 
Images and catalogue entries on classical art, some in 3D.