Classical Topography

Library holdings :

KPK Greece

                   250– Greek Islands

                   335– Asia

500– Africa

560– Spain

600– Italy General

650– Rome

675– Northern Italy

800– Central Italy

860– Southern Italy

1100– Sicily

KPH Museums. Greece

73– Near East

105– Italy

312– Spain

335– France

390– Switzerland

427– Austria, Hungary

440– Germany

490– Belgium, Holland

525– Scandinavia

540– Poland, Russia

575– Great Britain

670– United States

900– Australia


Stanford Digital Forma Urbis Romae Project 
Database of all 1,186 fragments of the original marble map

Lanciani, Forma Urbis Romae 
Images of Lanciani's detailed maps, published 1893-1901.

Rome Reborn 
A digital model of ancient Rome.

Pompeii official website 
Site in Italian and English, from the Soprintendenza Archaeologica di Napoli e Pompei.

AD 79: Destruction and Rediscovery 
Maps and images of the archaeological remains of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabiae, Oplontis and Boscoreale.

Imago Urbis: Giuseppe Vasi's Grand Tour of Rome 
High quality images and interactive maps.


I nomi antichi et moderni dell'antica citta di Roma, 1552

Rodolfo Lanciani, Pagan and Christian Rome, 1893 
Available for free download from Project Gutenberg.