Decorative and Applied Arts

Library holdings :

CGA Ornament

CGF General

        300– Peasant Art

CGE Furniture

CGB Cassoni

300– Pottery

605– Glass

CGC 500– Stained Glass

2000- Textiles General

                   2100– Textiles: Weaving

2510– Embroidery

2710– Lace

3000– Tapestry

3030– Collections

3225– Italy

3290– Spain

3700– France

4010– Netherlands

4100– England

4150– Scandinavia

4200– Germany

CGK Leather Work

CGL Goldsmith’s Work

500– Enamel

720– Metal Work

1175– Arms & Armour

CGO 200– Engraved Gems

600– Medals

CGN 400– Ivory

900– Amber

CGD Town Planning

                   295- Castles

3000– Gardens


Victoria & Albert Museum

Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts

Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture 
Documents, images and resources from the University of Wisonsin-Madison.


Viewing texts: Word as image and ornament in medieval inscriptions
This project aims at examining texts as art. It focused on the inscriptions that were frequently inscribed or painted on monuments of architecture in the middle ages.


The Furniture History Society

Illustrated History of Furniture by Frederick Litchfield 
E-book available for download from Project Gutenberg.

Timeline of Furniture History

Palissy Database
La base Palissy recense le patrimoine mobilier français dans toute sa diversité : meubles et objets religieux, domestiques, scientifiques et industriels.

The Golden Age of French Furniture in the Eighteenth Century 
Thematic essays, images, maps and a timeline from the Hellbrunn Timeline of Art History.


Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi 
Database of stained glass in Great Britain.

Corpus Vitrearum International

The Stained Glass Museum 
At Ely Cathedral.

Corning Museum of Glass

Online magazine dedicated to medieval stained glass.

Renaissance Maiolica
A site from Toronto devoted to the study of maiolica.

Italian Renaissance Ceramics 
Tour of images from the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Potteries Museum, Stoke-on-Trent 
Database of images, documents and videos relating to the potteries industry.

British Museum Pottery Highlights


Textile Conservation Centre

La Couturière Parisienne 
Database of over 4000 images of costume from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century.

The Costume Society


The Goldsmiths' Company 
Active since 1300, one of the twelve great livery companies of the City of London.

Antique Jewelry University 
Encyclopaedia, forum and image archive on antique jewelry.

Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry

Medieval rings
This site presents rings from the Middle Ages and Renaissance offered for sale by Les Enluminures on an ongoing basis. Rings are organized chronologically from c. 300 to c. 1650 A.D. in four categories: Early Christian and Byzantine, Early Medieval, Gothic, and Renaissance and Baroque.

Gothic Ivories Project 
At the Courtauld Institute of Art.

International Ivory Society 
Images, a glossary and information on laws relating to ivory.

Ivories in the Victoria & Albert Museum


Garden History Society

Museum of Garden History
At Lambeth Palace, London.

Garden and Landscape History Resources 
Includes a styles chart and glossary of gardening terms.