Early Christian & Byzantine Art

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CCF  Handbooks & Collected Articles

125– Museum Catalogues

320– Origins of Early Christian Art

435– Iconography

490– Catacombs

600– Origins of the Basilica

710– Architecture

825– Mosaics

925– Sculpture & Applied Arts

1250– Inscriptions

CCG  East Christian Art

75– Palestine

200– Syria

275– Armenia & Garamond

300– Asia Minor

350– North Africa, Egypt

CCN Italy

CCB Spain

200– France

300– Germany. Austria. Hungary. Rumania

CCM British Isles

CCI   Merovingian & Carolingian Art

CCP   Byzantine Art. General

95– Architecture

240– Painting

255– Sculpture & Applied Arts

375– Mount Athos

475– Eastern Europe


Early Christian Symbols

Early Christian Art Images 
From the University of Oklahoma.

The Christian Catacombs of Rome 
History, description and images.

The Early Christian Monuments of Ravenna 
Descriptions, maps and images from the UNESCO website.



The page of Internet resources to Byzantium compiled by the University of Fordham provides a large selections of sources on Byzantine history and culture as well as an extensive section of links. 

Icons Explained 
Guide to internet sources on Byzantine icons, frescoes and mosaics.

The Glory of Byzantium 
Website of the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Russian Architecture
These sites contain the photographs and texts of William Craft Brumfield, Professor of Slavic Studies at Tulane University, on the architecture of the the Russian north, the Urals, and Siberia.

Database of Byzantine and Roman wall mosaics

Developed at the University of Sussex.

All that glitters is gold

Lecture on Byzantine Art by Professor Liz James from Sussex University




Byzantine Paleography

Centre for Textual Studies