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EAF Literature General

EAA Poetics. Texts

EAN Poetics. Studies

EAC Rhythm

150- Expression

450- Style

800- Tragedy

900- Humour & Irony

1099- Poetic Genres

EAE Language. Philosophy

EAL Language. History

EAD Sociology

               700- Psychology

EAB Language & Myth

100- Metaphor & Imagery

300- Semantics

500- Comparative Philology

860- Phonetics

EIF World Literature


Bibliotheca Academica Translationum
A searchable catalogue of all translations into any language of works of classical scholarship from 1701 (refoundation of the academie des inscriptions) to 1917 (Russian revolution).

British Comparative Literature Association

Centre for Textual Studies

Electronic periodicals on language & literature
From Jstor (Warburg Intranet only).

English Language History Online Resources

Gateway to online resources on Linguistics

Institut de Linguistique Française

The Linguist List 
International linguistics community online.

Linguistic Bibliography Online

Links to online resources on comparative literature

Literature electronic resources 
Links to online texts and other resources

Renaissance Cultural Crossroads
The Renaissance Cultural Crossroads Catalogue is a searchable, analytical and annotated list of all translations out of and into all languages printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland before 1641. It also includes all translations out of all languages into English printed abroad before 1641

Links from the American Society for the History of Rhetoric 


Aristotle, Poetics , Rhetoric
Internet Classics Archive