Medieval/Humanistic Literature

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NAH Greek Grammarians

147- Latin Grammarians

288- Greek Lexicographers

400- Latin Lexicographers

500- Medieval Latin Literature

2500-Byzantine & Later Greek Literature

3000- Humanism. Italy

4500- Spain

5090- France

6000- Germany

7375- Low Countries

8325- England

8850- Eastern Europe

NAF History of Classical Scholarship

NAI  Classical Tradition. Middle Ages 

480- Classical Philology. Middle Ages

800- Medieval Latin & Greek

2750- Medieval Latin

2751- Medieval Latin

5000- Medieval Greek

NAC Transition from Middle Ages to Renaissance

200- Origins of Humanism

1100- Renaissance in Fiction and Drama

NAN Humanism. Italy

NAL Spain

       245- Portugal

NAB France

NAD The Low Countries

NAE Germany

NAM England

NAK Scandinavia

NAG Eastern Europe


Iter Database
(Warburg Institute Intranet only)
Bibliography of approximately 230,000 articles and reviews drawn from over 550 medieval and renaissance journal titles. Updated daily and with more than 60,000 new records added annually.

Traditio Classicorum 
A bibliography of secondary literature concerning the fortuna of classical authors to the year 1650.
By Charles Lohr.

Bio-bibliographical database of early texts produced in the Iberian Peninsula

Byzantine Studies

Mediaevistik im Internet
Gateway to online medieval resources - includes English version.

Gateway to online medieval studies and material - in French

Medieval and Renaissance Web
The Medieval and Renaissance Web is designed to provide access to scholarly resources in all aspects of the Western Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


An Analytic Bibliography of Online Neo–Latin Texts 
Created and maintained by Dana F. Sutton, Professor of Classics at the University of California, this straightforward metasite currently links to more than 550 online Neo–Latin texts written during the Renaissance and later. Alphabetical list, each entry includes author, title, URL, source site, and notes.

Imago Historiae
Biblioteca digitale della storiografia italiana dell'età umanistico-rinascimentale

Neo-Latin Word List by J. Ramminger


Leon Battista Alberti
Downloadable texts of the main works.

The Wolfgang Capito Project
The purpose of the Electronic Capito Project is to provide the text of letters from and to Wolfgang Capito which are either unpublished or have been published before 1850 and are therefore difficult to access.

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili
Electronic version of the text with animations

The Complete Erasmus Online
The Erasmus Center for Early Modern Studies is a joint initiative by the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and Rotterdam City Library.

Joseph Justus Scaliger Correspondence
Project based at the Warburg Institute