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Pictorial Symbols (texts)

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NOH Emblems

150- Emblems. Italy

660- Spain

725- France

980- Germany

1240- Low Countries

1550- England

2500- Mnemonics

4100- Ciphers


Pictorial Symbols (studies)

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NOA Pictorial Symbols

        875- Proverbs

NOF Heraldry. General

NOG The East

NON Italy

NOL Spain

NOB France

NOD Belgium

NOM England

NOE  Germany

NOC Album Amicorum

200- Book- Plates

750- Printers’ & Publishers’ Devices

NOI Seals

800- Coins

NOP Postage Stamps



Portal to online emblems
From the Glasgow University Centre for Emblem Studies

Emblems related websitesFrom the Society for Emblem StudiesFaith and FortuneWebsite of an exhibition at the Bruggemuseum on Pilgrims badges and insignae, the ancestors of imprese as hat decorations.The Study and Digitisation of Italian Emblems


Digitised Editions from the Warburg Institute Library

Alciati project
Latin and English versions of the `Emblemata' as well as the illustrations from the editions of 1531, 1534, and 1546, source material from the Greek Anthology, Whitney's Choice of Emblemes (1586), and direct links for particular emblems in the French edition of Lefevre now on line at the Glasgow University Emblem Website. All this material is linked through the commentaries for each emblem in Alciato, where appropriate. There is also a list of emblems in Thomas Palmer's Two Hundred Poosees (a manuscript emblem book of c1566)

Emblem Project Utrecht
Dutch Love Emblems of the Seventeenth Century 

Emblematica Online
The Emblematica Online project is digitising two of the world's largest and most important Renaissance emblem book collection, thereby establishing a digital subject library shared across two institutions, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA (Illinois) and the Herzog August Bibliotek, Wolfenbütterk, Germany (HAB) 

English Emblem Book Project
English emblem books digitized by Penn State University in the United States. The volumes digitized range from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

From Glasgow University Library:
Alciati/Lefevre, Paris: Chrétien Wechel, 1536.
Alciati/Aneau, Lyons: Macé Bonhomme, 1549.


Mnemonic Texts

Aristotle, On Memory and Reminiscence 
Internet Classics Archive

Rhetorica Ad Herennium
Latin version

Mnemonic Arts of the Blessed Raymond Lull
An electronic version of Lull's art of memory
see also: Ramon Llull database
From the University of Barcelona - extensive resources on the Mallorcan philosopher
Who was Ramon Llull?
From the Centre de Documentació Ramon Llull 

Digitised Editions
From the Warburg Institute Digital Collections.

Giulio Camillo del Minio L'idea del teatro 
From Bivio (Cribecu online)

Giulio Camillo e il teatro della memoria
Page of links to various internet projects related to Giulio Camillo and the art of memory

Bibliotheca Bruniana Electronica
Complete Warburg holdings of 19th-century editions of works and main biographies available for download in PDF format