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East Slavic
Maksim Moshkov's Digital library
giving access to untold numbers of Russian literary texts, humour, poetry, etc. An enormous collection - likely the most popular Russian lit resource on the Web

Fundamental Digital Library of Russian Literature and Folklore
Resources in text, audio, visual, and other forms on 11th-20th-century Russian literature, Russian folklore, and the history of Russian literary scholarship and folklore studies.

Russian Virtual Library
a non-commercial humanitarian project. RVB is an academic digital library whose aim is electronic publication of both classical and contemporary works of Russian literature on the Web and CD-ROMs. All publications are based on authentic sources and provided with academic commentaries.

Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature 
Department of Ukrainian Studies, University of Toronto

West Slavic
Czech National Library
Database of digitised documents

Polska Biblioteka Internetowa 
Contains over 10000 Polish books.

Database focusing on Old Polish literature

Virtual Library of Polish Literature 
Implemented within the framework of the Unesco flagship project "Virtual Library of Classical Texts from World Literature". Edited by Marek Ademiec, Faculty of Languages at the University of Gdansk.

South Slavic
Virtual South Slavic Literature Library
Gateway to online accessible South Slavic Literature

Slovenian Texts

Beseda: Virtualna Slovenska Knjigarna
Text corpus from the Fran Ramovš Institute of Slovenian Language

Zlatý Fond
Digitised works in Slovakian

Projekat Rastko
Serbian Texts and Images

Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár
Hungarian Electronic Library

Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu
National Library of Estonia

The Finnish National Electronic Library

Finnish Library Services
Links to Finnish and International virtual libraries

Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania

eLABa: Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library

National Library of Latvia

Library of the University of Latvia