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8950- Didactic Literature


Bibliography of the 'Fortuna' of Classical Authors in the Renaissance
by Charles Lohr


Centre for Studies on the Classical Tradition, at the University of Warsaw.

Online guide, includes images and bibliography, by Ruth Webb (Princeton).

Ancient Narrative
Electronic journal; continuation of the Petronian Society Newsletter (ed. Gareth Schmeling) and the Groningen Colloquia on the Novel (eds. Heinz Hofmann and Maaike Zimmerman) [Intranet only].



An Analytic Bibliography of Online Neo–Latin Texts 
Created and maintained by Dana F. Sutton, Professor of Classics at the University of California, this straightforward metasite currently links to more than 550 online Neo–Latin texts written during the Renaissance and later. Alphabetical list, each entry includes author, title, URL, source site, and notes.

Neo– Latin Word List by J. Ramminger

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili
Electronic version of the text

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