Mary Clayton-Kastenholz

PhD student

Research Interests
Museum Studies | History of Collections | Science and Art Education | History of Science | 19th century studies

Year PhD started


The Department of Science and Art Revisited: The South Kensington Museum (1830-1909)

My research seeks to more thoroughly explore the origin and course of the South Kensington Museum as a distinct institution. Working forward from the museum’s inception in the wake of the Exhibition of 1851, I will be investigating how and why the museum grew and changed up to 1909 when it split into the V&A and Science Museum. I will be exploring the metropolitan museum scene in the nineteenth century, pedagogical intentions and techniques within the Victorian museum, nineteenth-century collecting practice, the relation of the museum to the Government, and contemporary conceptions of science and art and their interrelation.

Supervisors: Bill Sherman, James Ryan (Victoria and Albert Museum), Tim Boon (Science Museum)