The Warburg Institute building will be closed on the following dates due to essential building works:

Thursday 22 and Friday 23 February
Thursday 29 February and Friday 1 March


There will be no access to the Library or to the Institute building on these days. The Photographic Collection and the Archive at Stewart House will remain open as usual. All classes and meetings will proceed as scheduled.

These four days of closure will allow some technical elements of the Warburg Renaissance building project to be completed:

  • The electrical supply to the Warburg Institute will be separated from that of the Slade School of Art, our top-floor neighbours
  • The fire alarm panel will be relocated within the Institute
  • Drainage pipes will be relocated and reconnected

We have endeavoured to keep the Institute open throughout the building project thus far, but unfortunately these closures are unavoidable. Any one of these elements in itself would require the building to be unoccupied, so completing them together minimises the amount of closure time required.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.