Mark A. Lotito, a graduate of the Warburg Institute, has been honoured with the 2024 International Melanchthon Prize. Lotito, who conducted his MA studies under the supervision of Jill Kraye during 2002-2003, has achieved significant academic recognition for his work in the field of historiography.

His book, The Reformation of Historical Thought (Leiden, 2019), is an extension of his MA thesis undertaken at the Warburg Institute. The work provides an exploration into the evolution of Western historiography through the lens of Philipp Melanchthon's pivotal historical text, Carion’s Chronicle. Lotito’s research offers new insights into the shaping of historical narratives and their impact on modern understanding.

The International Melanchthon Prize, awarded by the city of Bretten since 1988, recognises works that substantially deepen the understanding of Melanchthon’s life and influence.

The Warburg Institute celebrates Mark A. Lotito's achievement and his enduring connection to the Institute’s academic community.

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