We are pleased to announce that the Warburg Institute has joined the Census x Hertziana Fellowships in the reception of antiquity.

Offered at either the predoctoral or postdoctoral level, these fellowships grow out of the long-standing collaboration between the Humboldt, the Hertziana, and the Warburg in the research project Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance.

The fellowships extend the traditional chronological boundaries of the Census and are intended for research and intellectual exchange on topics related to the reception of antiquity in the visual arts between ca.1350 and ca. 1900. In the context of the fellowships, the topic of the reception of antiquity is also broadly conceived without geographical restriction. Proposals can optionally include a digital humanities perspective, engage with the database of the Census, or make use of the research materials of the Census project available in Berlin, Rome, and London.

One fellow per year will be able to conduct research at the Census in Berlin, the Hertziana in Rome and the Warburg Institute in London for a period of 4–6 months (at the postdoc level), or 6–9 months (at the predoc level).

Find out more and how to apply