Tuesday 12 March 2019

The Warburg Institute is delighted to have received the Museo Liceo Egipcio of Education Award - the first Award for services in Education given by the Museo Liceo Egipcio.

The deciding committee said of the Insitute: "Since its founding in the 1920s by Aby Warburg and Fritz Saxl, this institution has become a beacon of world studies on the Renaissance. With an integrating and interdisciplinary vision that transmits for decades its numerous students and enriches with it the panorama of artistic, historical and humanistic studies." 

The Museo Liceo Egipcio is an independent institution dedicated to the study of history and art, especially of Ancient Egypt and its influence on Renaissance and Baroque Europe, and more generally to the promotion and diffusion of culture in all its areas. Since 2019, it has decided to award a series of distinctions in different areas of culture to people or institutions that have excelled in these fields.