Tue 10 November 2020


Image from the Iconographic Database of St Isidore of Seville, the patron saint of the internet (and author of the Warburg logo!).

The Institute is pleased to announce that the Kress Foundation has awarded $30,000 to pay towards the upgrade of the internet resource of the Photographic Collection, the Warburg Institute Iconographic Database. The database has been on-line since 2010 and currently provides digital access to ca 100,000 images, which can be browsed via an iconographical taxonomy similar to the one used in the Photographic Collection. The grant will allow us to carry out essential technical work on the database in collaboration with the firm CollectionsIndex+. It will guarantee the longevity of the resource for the future, make the database fully interoperable with other internet sites, and enable us to present a much improved interface for users. It will streamline the workflow for adding new material, make it possible for us to share metadata and images with others (not least the Institute’s partners in the international consortium of photographic collections, Pharos), and offer users more and better ways to search the database contents and examine the images. 

We are grateful, once again, to the Kress Foundation for their support of our efforts to make the Warburg Institute’s Photographic Collection a leading resource for the classification and interpretation of images.

Professor Bill Sherman, Director of the Warburg Institute