Quinn London, the main contractor for the Warburg Renaissance project, has partnered with local school, Copenhagen Primary, to offer immersive bug hotel workshops designed specifically for year 3 and 4 students. The hands-on workshops took place in Woburn Square Garden just in front of the Warburg Institute.

The bug hotels used in these workshops were crafted using reclaimed plywood salvaged from the Warburg Institute's scrap flooring, breathing new life into this otherwise discarded material. Quinn's carpenters transformed this wood into eleven hotels, with nine going to the school and two set up in Quinn’s compound adjoining Woburn Square Garden.

Copenhagen Primary has been working on integrating the promotion of biodiversity and its significance in urban environments into its curriculum. Recognising the value of this endeavor, Quinn London collaborated with ecologists to aid in teaching the children about the vital role of flora and fauna in our ecosystem.

Filled with a combination of bamboo, cardboard, pinecones, twigs, scrap wood, and leaves, these bug hotels now serve as residences for beneficial insects. These tiny inhabitants play a crucial role in pollinating the surrounding plants.

Through this collaboration, Quinn London and Copenhagen Primary School are not only nurturing a deeper understanding of biodiversity but also actively promoting sustainability by repurposing materials and creating habitats that contribute to the overall well-being of the local ecosystem.

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